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Caregiver in Dacula GA

Four Times You Might Need to Put Your Foot Down

Home Care Services in Dacula GA: Caregiving Tips

Especially in the earlier stages of caregiving, you might find that you’re not too worried about what’s going on with your elderly family member. She might seem to have things under control and things are rolling right along. But there are some situations that demand much more of your attention and might even require you…

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The Importance of Preventing Metabolic Syndrome

Home Health Care in Dacula GA: Metabolic syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is a combination of other medical conditions that often happen together and make developing heart disease or type 2 diabetes more likely. The conditions that comprise metabolic syndrome are high blood sugar, elevated blood pressure, high cholesterol or triglycerides, and excess fat carried around the waistline. Unfortunately, an estimated one-third of people in…

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Are Caregivers Taking Care Of Their Own Health?

Caregiver in Dacula GA Family caregivers tend to put all of their energy and time into caring for their elderly loved one, they forget to care for another important person – themselves. Some days can be filled with joy and appreciation for your elderly parent, while others may cause them to become stressed and frustrated.…

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